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After 25 years operating as the Tuten Graphics Studio, I have taken the opportunity to become the Creative Director for Fun Spot America. As such, I'll no longer be able to do any additional projects, but I will be able to provide art files and recommend other artists and sign makers to my former clients. I plan to leave this site up as a portfolio page and will continue to add to the galleries.

Located near Orlando, for over 25 years the Tuten Graphics Studio provided Central Florida theme parks, businesses and individuals with high quality artwork, signs and graphics. We utilize a wide range of techniques to create your image and meet your production needs, from hand-painted art to the latest in computer-generated graphics. We specialize in signage, large-format printing, environmental graphics and print design.

Our capabilities and services include the following:

logo design
sign design
sign fabrication
commercial decor
large-format printing
advertising and print design
3D computer pre-visualization
computer-generated artwork
digital murals

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